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Ronnie Coleman squatting 800 plus pounds for reps at Metro Flex Gym


Monday is normally international chest day in the gym.  With saying for some reason everyone wanted to use the sorinex power racks to perform their max out bench press movements.  Normally when all the squat racks are occupied, I’d view this as a positive.  When squats are actually being done.


Since frustration is the BEST pre workout, I decided to take full advantage of it.  This seemed to make my workout even better.  We kept our workout simple but intense.   Leg press and squats.  What else do you really need?



Lee Haney is arguably the best pro bodybuilder of all time.  With his 8 straight Olympia victories only being matched by Ronnie Coleman, it’s hard to argue against that.  In this video Lee Haney will tell you about his training philosophy, as well as how to train and eat like a bodybuilder.

Lee Haney

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How to lose weight extremely fast. My body transformation.


When it comes to weight loss, many people in the fitness industry have no idea the difficulty that many people have.  Most likely the person that is posting content either have awesome genetics or a super high metabolism.  So their fitness journey may be totally different than yours.  I’m actually someone that has been overweight basically my whole life.  With no help from anyone, through trial and error I have been able to figure out the formula that worked for me.  In this video I’ll explain my struggles and how I lost over 100 pounds in less than a year.

Extreme Arm Workout

  1. Your biceps and triceps need a higher amount of volume and frequency than any other body part to grow.

  2. These movements along with a higher amount of time under tension can increase growth hormone release. This also allows the muscle to be pumped full of blood and oxygen.

Our main goal of these different arm exercises is to reach extremely high volume with next to no rest. It’s also something different to shock your body and keep your interest. The main goal is to increase your time under tension, which will increase the amount of blood and oxygen pumping through the muscle.

Every once in a while I’ll ad this to my regimen and I’ve noticed some significant improvements. The idea is to find three exercises and do them back to back to back. In the gym world this would be known as a giant or a tri set. Weight is not the most important thing especially since we’re focusing on a higher volume. For example, let’s take basic alternating dumbbell curls, hammer curls and preacher curls. You’ll do each one for 12 to 15 repetitions( we’re always going for 15). You’ll go through each exercise and that will count as one set.

Dumbbell curls 15 reps + Hammer Curls 15 reps + Preacher Curls 15 reps= 1 set

After you’re done with that first set you can rest( kinda ). You’ll only be resting your biceps because you’ll jump right into doing a giant or tri set with your triceps. We’ll take a few basic lifts like cable press downs, dumbbell kickbacks and dumbbell tricep extentions. Since I feel that the tricep is a muscle that should over power the bicep. I’ll normally do more reps with the tricep.

Cable Press Downs 20 reps + dumbbell kickbacks 20 reps + 1 arm dumbbell tricep extention 20 reps = 1 set

You’ll go through one round or set of biceps and you’ll be resting your biceps while you work your biceps. Obviously if your body is telling you to take a break or stop, you should probably listen. But the goal is to constantly be working. This will allow so much blood to pump through the muscle while keeping your heart rate up. So you’re building muscle while increasing your stamina.

Suggested supplements:®ion=US&placement=B01DLF3NTU&asins=B01DLF3NTU&linkId=77ff28298489c147ad944bcdd713e814&show_border=false&link_opens_in_new_window=true&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=16c916®ion=US&placement=B00OY69QA6&asins=B00OY69QA6&linkId=91d0f0a72138c7d8507639696fd01f81&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=16c916

These supplements will help with giving you more energy before, during and help with recovery after your workout so that you can come back and do it all over again. I highly recommend it.

Three Body Types

The human body is made of three different types. These body types are: endomorph, mesomorph, and the ectomorph. We may fit mostly with one category but most likely your are not just limited to only one. Your training and genetics play the largest role in how you look, and this is something that we all have control of. Most of us fit mostly with one group.


The body type of an ectomorph is thin. In the fitness world this is who we would call a hard gainer. This body type will normally struggle to gain weight. Whether it’s muscle or even body fat. This type of person would have to normally eat large amounts of food just to maintain their normal bodyweight. When trying to put on size these individuals are encouraged to go on the “see food” diet. Basically, they are encouraged to just eat anything that they can get their hands on so that it will stick.

An ectomorph is normally lean, with long limbs, and smaller muscle bellies. Even if an ectomorph manages to put on weight, it’s difficult to even tell any difference. Their bodyweight has to increase drastically to even notice any difference.

Most of us would fill happy to have the problem that an ectomorph has. But they are normally frustrated and discouraged because of slow progress in muscle and strength gains. If this is your body type don’t worry, you can still increase your strength and size in large amounts. But to meet your goals you have to make it your business to eat, eat and eat some more.


A mesomorph has a combination of the best of both worlds. These individuals normally have wide shoulders, a narrow waist, small joints, and round full muscle bellies.

If you fit into this category, you may naturally be fit and muscular. This person would have to still be careful because they can’t just eat any and everything and get away with it. Out of the three, this body type has the ability to bounce back much easier than the other two.


The last body type is the endomorph. A majority of us in America fall into this category. Especially the older we get. This body type tends to gain weight and has a difficult time losing it. They are normally wider than the two other body types. An endomorph normally has a thick ribcage, wide hips, and shorter limbs. The only benefit is that this person may have more muscle than either of the other body types. But it is normally difficult to gain it without gaining fat.

An endomorph normally struggles to be healthy. They can be just as strong, healthy, and capable as the other two groups, and may actually have some strength advantages due to their additional muscle mass. When they decide to cut or diet, it takes a lot longer while also being much more difficult.

High Repetitions vs Low Repetitions

The theory behind this is that high reps cause you to burn fat and make a muscle more “toned”. While low reps will help you build muscle and get stronger.

I wish it was just this simple. High reps for fat loss and low reps for strength and muscle building? There are so many different things that come into play when to get lean or gain mass. Honestly rep ranges may be the last thing on the list.

We will talk about reasons why it is important to use both low and high rep ranges in a weight training program. We will also discuss how combining both will help you build muscle, lose fat, and just improve your overall physique and health. Finally, we will explain how doing this will allow you as much as possible out of the time you spend in the gym along the individual rep ranges that will allow you make the greatest change in body and strength.

Which is better? High reps or low reps?

Strength is normally defined by the 1 rep max. This would be the maximum weight that can be lifted for one repetition. Doing a lower amount of reps with heavier weight will increases strength. Doing a higher amount of reps with lighter weight increases endurance and stamina. As the amount of repetitions grow increase there will be a change from strength to endurance.

Below is a commonly used graph of the strength continuum.

You should also understand that there are different types of muscle fibers. High repetitions develop the type 1 muscle fibers, which is also known as slow twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are based on endurance and also take much longer to burn out. Low reps stimulate the type 2 muscle fibers, which are known as the fast twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are greater when it comes to power. These fibers burn out faster.

Which rep range is beneficial for strength?

For better results when it comes to increasing strength, doing a lower amount of reps with heavier weight is more beneficial that doing higher reps with a lighter amount of weight. High reps can also assist in increasing strength also. Research has shown that lifting heavier weight is more beneficial for strength gains. This is the reason why power lifters use this method when training for a competition. This method increases what is called neuromuscular adaptation. Neuromuscular adaptation is defined as the efficiency of the brain to control the muscles. You can get stronger as a result of increase in muscle size OR increase in neuromuscular adaptation.

Which Method Is Beneficial For Fat or Weight Loss

Many people have the misconception that heavy weights are only productive when trying to building muscle. The question is can lifting heavier help you burn more fat, or does it just help build muscle? Studies have actually shown that individuals who lift heavy weights lost the same amount of weight as those who did just cardio. The only difference was that the weight lost by the weight lifters was fat, but the individuals who did cardio not only lost fat but they lost muscle as well. One myth is that doing high reps will automatically cause you to lose fat. Even higher reps with a low amount of weight can create a response from your muscles, this doesn’t mean that it’s getting rid of fat.

It is not the number of repetitions that burns fat, but the intensity of the workout is the more important factor. The most important thing is to create muscule failure with least amount rest between sets and exercises. This will cause a hormonal and metabolic effect. This will cause calorie burning which will cause fat burning. Proper nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to fat loss. High Reps vs. Low Reps For Building Muscle

Similar to fat loss, the number of rep ranges that is optimal for muscle building is open to debate and the research is inconclusive. Most research points to reps under 15 reps as being better for muscle building, but other research shows muscle building can be equally effective with light weight and high reps.

For example, a recent study of resistance-trained young men found that light weight with high reps, performed until failure, was equally effective in stimulating muscle proteins as a heavy weight with low reps.4

There is a common misconception that lifting heavier weights automatically helps you build muscle. That’s not the case at all. In fact, how much you eat in combination with the overall volume and intensity of the workout and how it becomes more challenging over time will make the difference, not necessarily the weight/reps. If you eat relatively less calories than you burn, you can lift very, very heavy weight and most likely not gain an ounce of muscle mass. This especially applies to women who have 1/10 the amount of the muscle-building hormone testosterone as men. In a calorie deficit, increases in strength are likely due to neuromuscular adaptation and not increases in muscle mass.

To sum it all up, combining both low rep and high reps are more beneficial than just doing one or the other. Both assist in increasing strength. Both have their benefits for burning fat and increasing stamina. So when you are planning your strength or fat burning protocol, you should never limit yourself to just doing one.

Compound movements vs. Isolation movements

Which is actually better for you? Hopefully this article will be able to point you in the right direction. My goal is to help you understand the pros and cons of both compound and isolation exercises. I also want to show how you should use them in your workouts to accomplish your goals.

What is a compound movement or exercise?

A compound movement or exercise is an exercise that engages multiple muscle groups. The squat for example involves moving the knees, ankles, and hip joint and needs effort from the entire body. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes using a majority of the load. Then there’s an exercise like Leg Curls that only involve the knees and focuses mainly on developing your hamstrings and glutes.

This why the Leg Curl would not be considered a compound exercise but an isolation exercise.

Here are a few examples of compound exercises:

Bench Press

There are different types or variations of this exercise. The barbell, dumbbell,flat, incline, and decline. These different variations are all placed in the category of compound movements.

The main muscle group that is targeted is the chest, but the bench press also triggers the shoulders and triceps.

Overhead Press

This movement is also called the military press, and is hands down the best exercise when it comes to developing your delts. This movement trains the triceps and, when sone standing, it develops the back and core.


This movement is my favorite and by far the ultimate compound movement because it involves just about every muscle group in your body.

The primary muscle groups that the deadlift trains are known as the posterior chain (the muscles on the backside of your body, such as your hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles). Even though those are main targeted muscles, every other muscle in your body assists in the movement.


Just like the deadlift, it activates every muscle in the body. There are different variations such as the front squat, back squat, split squat. Over 200 muscles are activated in this movement, but the primary muscle group trained is the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

More examples of compound movements:

dumbbell and barbell rows

Pull ups

lat pull downs

leg press

What is an isolation movement?

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An isolation movement is one that involves just one muscle group.

For example the bicep curl is an isolation movement because the only joint involved is the elbow and the only muscle involved is the bicep muscle

Here are the most common isolation exercises you’ll find people using:

Dumbbell Fly

This exercise isolates the chest but it allows you to use moderate to heavy weight without exposing your shoulders to injury.

Even though you can use heavy weight it is not a it’s not a replacement for heavy pressing.

Dumbbell Pullover

This is a great exercise for someone looking to build a massive chest.

Like the dumbbell fly, this exercise is more effective when done in the high rep range and better done after your main compound chest movements.

Lateral Raise

This is an exercises that I feel belongs in every bodybuilding program.

It’s the safest and best exercise for training your side deltoids, which will be located behind your front delts.

Front Raise

This is a simple exercise that isolates the front deltoid.

It won’t get the same results as a barbell and dumbbell pressing, but it has it’s place and is basically icing on the cake.

More examples of isolation movements:

Leg extensions, Calve raises, cable arm pull downs

The biggest training mistakes people make is not recognizing the importance of using compound movements. Playing sports in school, I never had this problem because isolation movements never transferred over to field or court. All of the lifts that we did were functional lifts which would consist of compound movements.

Normally bodybuilding magazines will put more emphasis on isolation movements, this is why most beginners quit without making any progress. To sum it all up isolation movements have its place. But you build your foundation with compound movements. You utilize your isolation movements around your compound movements.

Is too much cardio bad for you?

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that cardio alone can get you lean and ripped. For this reason alone cardio is often made the most important exercise in people’s exercise program. For this reason also, lifting weights are often ignored. I always hear cardio will give you a six pack. Normally the people that say this don’t have or ever had a six pack. Even worse, their body looks exactly the same as when they started. Doing resistance work can, and will, help you get leaner. Cardio can actually have a negative impact on muscle. when it’s done to much can cause a catabolic effect which means muscle wasting, while also slowing down your metabolism.

When you have more muscle, it will create a higher or faster metabolism. This means means that your body will burn fat much faster. Even though you will burn more calories during a cardio session, weight lifting will cause calorie burning when you’re in and outside of the gym.

I am not saying that you should completely giving up cardio, but cut back on it. A more effective form of cardio would be higher-intensity, interval-type training(hiit). This burns more fat while sparing your muscle.

The most important thing here is the amount of intensity you use. This type of cardio normally will last 20 minutes or less, so to get the most out of hiit cardio is go hard. Low intensity sessions is will produce little results if any at all.

5 benefits of doing deadlifts

1. Improved Posture

Doing deadlifts will increase your strength of your core. This will improve your core stability. This movement will activate every muscle responsible for your posture. This lift will enable you to keep your back straight even during daily activities.

2. More Muscles Targeted

This movement activates more muscles than any other exercise. Dead lifts even activates more muscles that the squat. This movement engages all of the major muscle groups. If there was on exercise that you need to do, this is the one. The Dead lift works your lower and upper body, including especially your back muscles.

3. Beneficial for your real life

When you do other lifting exercises, like curls for example you’re not doing anything you might actually do in your real life. When are you ever going to have the need to pick something up and curl it for an actual purpose? The Deadlift develops the muscles you need to actually carry something, like a bucket of water, those heavy grocery bags or your dining room table.

4. Improves Your Grip Strength

Deadlifts are well known for their ability to build and improve your grip strength. Your fingers are literally the only things connecting you to the weight of the bar. Your forearms have to work extremely hard as your weight rises to keep the bar from falling out of your hands. As a result your grip strength improves.

5. Increases Hormones

Doing dead lifts with heavy weight, you can increase the amount of testosterone and growth hormone produced by your body. Testosterone increases muscle growth and improves muscle repair while growth hormone, which is produced by your pituitary gland, promotes tissue healing, bone strength, muscle growth and fat loss.


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