Worlds Smallest Strongman/Bodybuilder

Strongman is a sport where all the biggest and strongest athletes come together to showcase not only their strength, but also their athleticism.  But one of the most common thing in this sport is the that the taller you are, the better chance that you’ll have to be successful in this sport.  Obviously, this is the case in a majority of sports. 

In the football and especially in basketball, tall people are valued more than short athletes.  Even though this is the case, this doesn’t mean that shorter athletes aren’t able to be successful.  For instance, Doug Flutie, Sam Mills, Drew Brees and the most recent Heisman Trophy winner Kyle Murray.  Obviously, these athletes are an anomaly.  They also give others that are vertically challenged the hope(even though false) of having the same success at the highest level in their sport.

There’s one sport that is literally impossible for a short competitor to be a success.  This sport is known as strongman or  world strongest man.  Obviously height doesn’t necessarily determine how strong a person is, but the lack of is a major issue when it comes to being successful in many strong man events.  In strongman, the average heights range from 6’3 to 6’8.  Anything below 6’3 is considered short or better yet undersized. 

Events such as the Fingal’s Fingers and the Atlas stones literally a built for the tall man. So when you have a 4’5 bodybuilder, powerlifter and strongman in Jason Owen from the UK.  It becomes refreshing.  The question that I have, is can Jason Owen actually successfully compete in strongman competition?  What are your thoughts.


Planet Fitness Discrimination. My Bad Experiance With Planet Fitness

So, I’ve heard so many things about planet fitness and I had never been. So I had to go see for myself what kind of gym it actually was…and without a doubt the internet wins this one…Its was actually worst most people make it out to be! But why do they kick out bodybuilders?

The Truth About Planet Fitness. Hard Core Gyms. Do They Exist Anymore?

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One thing that I have noticed is that a majority of the gyms today cater to the women. This obviously isn’t the issue, but this does affect the men and women that train in an extreme way.
I know that business is business. The goal of any business is to make a profit. But should a hard core trainer(who pays the same fee) have to suffer because every gym wants to keep a certain image. With that certain image draws more customers. And guess what, more customers equals more money which equals more exposure which also equals more money.
Let me give you an obvious example. That example is Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness blaintently markets itself off of discrimination. But in most people’s eyes, it’s not viewed as discrimination. My first experience at Planet Fitness was a culture shock to me. I took my wife to take a tour of Planet Fitness. As soon as I walked into the door of Planet Fitness, the discrimination and prejudice was so obvious. The first thing that I saw when I walked in was a picture. The picture was of a muscle bound cartoon character. This muscle bound cartoon character was wearing a due rag, tank top, shorts, boots and was carrying a gallon jug of water.
This was ironic to me. Why, you may ask. This was ironic to me because aside from the due rag this picture basically resembled any bodybuilder, power lifter or just anyone in general that goes hard in the gym. Oh yeah, the picture had an x across it. Which meant that we don’t want these type of people in this gym.
Should this be viewed as discrimination. Discrimination is defined as 1.the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. So by definition I would say yes.
But it’s not viewed as such. But with being told that my type isn’t welcomed to this one particular gym didn’t bother me that much. The thing that bothered me was the fact that gradually every other gym adopted this practice. Where as before if I may have grunted, smoke aggressively or sneezed, it was ok. Today it isn’t, because many women(not all) and weak men feel “intimidated”. This word intimidated has been thrown around so much that it really doesn’t have any meaning.
When I go to the gym now, I have to always watch what I’m doing . Since intensity really isn’t embraced in the gym anymore, this has affected my workouts and my progress as a bodybuilder. I also have the right to be comfortable in this environment. Right? Or does it not matter how the muscle bound gorilla’s feel in the gym? My money is green just like everyone else’s money.
Let me know your thoughts.


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