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Ronnie Coleman squatting 800 plus pounds for reps at Metro Flex Gym


Monday is normally international chest day in the gym.  With saying for some reason everyone wanted to use the sorinex power racks to perform their max out bench press movements.  Normally when all the squat racks are occupied, I’d view this as a positive.  When squats are actually being done.


Since frustration is the BEST pre workout, I decided to take full advantage of it.  This seemed to make my workout even better.  We kept our workout simple but intense.   Leg press and squats.  What else do you really need?


Welcome to Hell! Crazy Intense Leg Workout

#legworkout #squatworkout #squateveryday. This leg workout was intense. We did a heavy high volume squat workout. To increase my quad size, I squat every day.

Check this intense leg workout video:





War On Quads. Squat Every Day October 30


Every workout whether upper or lower body, I squat at the end of the workout. I’m doing this in hopes of building a better mind muscle connection.

Box Squat Benefits

Box squating is an underutilized tool. The box squat is able to build your squat pattern from the ground up. It also adds a safe spark to your explosive strength and power work. The box squat has created a reputation for being a dangerous squat variation that only powerlifters should use. This causes many lifters and athletes to avoid this staple squat variation.

This enables a deeperWhen properly executed, the box squat transcends populations and is one of the safest and most effective ways to load the squat pattern. The box squat places greater load on the larger, squatting muscles of the hips, glutes, and ha squat and the lifter to sit far back on the box, putting the glutes and hamstrings in a stretched position and the shins at or past perpendicular to the floor.


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